NUI Appliance

Nuieng Vision: “a thing is being able to create art, another thing is the ability to judge its usefulness or harmfulness
Platone, Fedro 274e

The focus of the Natural User Interface is not the simply emulation of a mouse or a keyboard but is a real and efficient use!


The NUI Appliance technology creates a Natural User Interface which, through the use of an Optoelctronic Device, controls any software application, and manipulates the contents on the screen, through gestures, detecting hands and fingers movements. Keyboardless and Mouseless are its main features



The NUI Appliance is composed of:

  1. NUl sensors: 3D depth sensors.
  2. NUl controller: driver designed to control the depth sensors and for integration with Dicom Viewer.

NUI Controller

The software is designed to control any commercial software developed by third parties, allowing gesture/voice control of these software products.

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